How do I install my device on-site?

Learn how to install your SmartBarrel Hardware in all environments.


Indoor Installations

  • Find a standard 110/120v outlet
  • Hang the device nearby
  • Plug the device in with the provided adapter
  • Turn it on and wait for it to connect

Outdoor Installations

If you do not have an office trailer or storage container on-site, please refer to the DIY Kiosk section.

  • Mount your SolarBox in an elevated area where it will see 5hrs of sunlight per day
  • If necessary, secure your SolarBox with fasteners or straps.
  • Mount the device magnetically or with fasteners
  • Plug the SolarBox into the Wallmount
  • Turn on the Wallmount and wait for it to connect

DIY Kiosk

20210409 - Kiosk Assem-0420210409 - Kiosk Assem-0320210409 - Kiosk Render.4020210409 - Kiosk Render.43

Booth 2 Metal.313

Booth 2 Metal.314Metal Booth Specs-01
Booth 2 Wood.310Booth 2 Wood.311Wood Booth Specs-01

PDF Guide

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