How do I Configure User Permissions?

This article outlines each individual permission and their expected behavior

Things to Know

  • Users that have not had their permissions altered since the update will show the permissions of the predefined template prior to the update.
  • Some permissions have a parent/child relationship, meaning that the parent must be enabled for the child permissions to be enabled. Parent/child relationships will be noted in the cheat sheet below. 
    • If a parent permission is OFF, the child permissions can not be enabled.
    • If a parent permission is ON, the child permissions can be enabled or disabled as needed.
  • Admins will have all permissions enabled by default
  • Some user types will have specific permissions locked by default
  • User settings and permissions can be accessed by finding the user and clicking the blue shield icon in the actions column

Permission Cheat Sheet:


  • Edit
    • Edit is the parent of all timesheet permissions except add worker
      • If on, individual child permissions can be disabled
    • Controls if users can make changes on timesheet
      • Merge
      • Split
      • Edit punches
      • Facial verification toggle
      • PPE override
  • Add worker
    • Controls if Users can add workers via the timesheet
  • Unapprove
    • Controls if Users can Unapprove shifts that have already been approved
  • Edit productivity
    • Controls if Users can edit productivity on shifts in the timesheet
    • If off, Users will still be able to view productivity, but not make any edits
  • Approve
    • Controls if Users can approve shifts in the timesheet
  • Delete profile pic
    • Controls if users can or cannot remove profile pictures
  • Add shift
    • Controls if Users can add shifts of any type (labor, transfer, pto, etc.)


  • Create
    • Controls if the user can create and schedule broadcast messages


  • See Money
    • Controls if Users can view money, such as rates in the worker profile or financial calculations in the reports app
  • Create
    • Controls if users can add workers from the workers page
  • Onboard Workers
    • Controls if Users can onboard workers through the project workers page
  • Edit
    • Controls If Users can edit all worker fields
    • Parent of the other “worker edit” permissions
  • Edit Profile
    • Controls If Users can edit basic worker profile
    • Child of edit
  • Edit User
    • Controls If Users can edit dashboard user settings and permissions
    • Child of edit
  • Edit Payroll
    • Controls if Users can edit worker’s payroll settings
    • Child of edit
  • Edit Rate
    • Controls If Users can edit only the rate
    • Child of edit payroll

  • Promote
    • Controls if Users can promote workers to users
    • Child of edit

  • Demote
    • Controls if users can demote users back to workers. The demote function removes all dashboard access. 
    • Child of edit
  • Recover
    • Controls if Users can recover workers that were previously deleted and still belong to their company.
  • Delete
    • Controls if Users can delete workers and users. 

Project Settings

  • Edit
    • Controls if users edit and view project settings

Time Rules

  • Edit
    • Controls if users edit and view time rounding rules and break rules

Toolbox Talk

  • Edit
    • Controls if users edit and view toolbox talks

Work Summary

  • Edit
    • Controls if users can edit and view work summaries


  • Edit
    • Controls if users edit and view incident reports