What are the Latest Updates?

This article will be updated and timestamped every time there is a significant update in SmartBarrel.

Release #138

04/21/2023 10:00 AM EST:


New Features:

  • User Permissions Module, learn more here
  • "Disable Geofence" toggle for individual workers, located in their mobile app settings. 
    • If this toggle is ON, the geofence will not apply to that worker.
  • Recover deleted workers
    • Workers you have deleted and have not been claimed by another company will be visible in the workers page.
    • Click the "Active" drop-down, select deleted, then click filter.
    • Users can recover deleted workers by clicking "Recover" in the actions column, provided that they have that permission on their user.

Enhancements and Fixes:

  • General bug fixes
  • Service Maintenance



Release #135

02/08/2023 11:00 AM EST:


New Features:
  • PTO - Please contact your CSM to schedule training if you wish to use this feature
    • Configure PTO types and codes in the classifier menu
    • Create PTO shifts on the project by going to add shift and selecting the PTO option
  • Clear Fobs from Worker - click the red x on the fob icon on either workers page
  • Show Map Location + Distance for mobile punches - open their punch and click the location pin to view
  • [IN DEVELOPMENT] Shift Length Settings - available in the "work shift settings" section of the project settings
    • Set a maximum shift length for your project
    • Select a range of times to force a Punch IN
    • ***UI is available to save the settings - backend performance is still in testing and development

Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Timesheet Crew filter - fixed performance and added crews for managed subcontractors to the dropdown

  • Transfer shifts - show distance and estimated travel time
  • Manual Punches were added to "activity" so workers show in the Broadcast tool

  • Fixed formatting for punches from the Mobile App to reduce stretching
  • Clear Worker's Profile Pictures from Timesheet

  • Fixed Delete worker functionality on company workers

  • Time rules to be applied when flipping a shift (move punch from IN to OUT or vice versa)

  • Improved processing time for Mobile App punches

  • Added a flag for workers who have a “Generated Phone Number” and cannot use SMS services

  • Toolbox Talk - bug fixed in the attendee list
  • Fixed dial for Dashboard Widget, Project Page Header and Timesheet

    • No activity - Big red 0 in red circle
    • Activity X/Y with green ring and ring dial
    • Everyone checked out - No ring with the total number  in green
  • Project Workers Download - added the Safety Information Fields

    • Address
    • Emergency Contact Name
    • Emergency Contact Phone Number
    • Custom Acknowledgment response
  • General bug fixes
  • Service Maintenance

Release #133

11/01/2022 5:00 PM EST:

New Features:
  • Image carousel for work summaries
  • Incident reporting module: added functionality to view open incidents. This is an ongoing project.
  • View-only permission toggle for users: prevents users from making any modifications or edits in the dashboard
  • Added Kiosk Mode toggle in mobile app settings for upcoming mobile app update (stay tuned….)
  • Firmware v2.0.19.5
    • Offline handling
    • Punch and image processing
    • Keypad double-typing glitch fixed
    • Keypad can revive itself when disabled
    • Performance improvements
    • Stability improvements
    • Added additional support codes for improved troubleshooting
    • Added camera health monitoring
    • Power management improvements
    • Device now takes 1 picture per punch instead of 2 to increase punch speed
    • Added device firmware version when hovering over the device ID in the project page
    • Procore Integration:
      • Vendor list is now sorted alphanumerically
      • Stability enhancements
    • UI/UX improvements
      • Header normalization
      • Mobile display improvements for Dashboard
    • Timesheet performance improvements
    • Improvements to auto-cost code functionality
    • Improvments to the productivity section of the timesheet
    • Cost-code drop-down sorted alphanumerically
    • Workers and project workers are now sorted alphanumerically by workers name as default
    • Broadcast tool: worker filtering, performance, and showing previous broadcasts
    • Project workers: added a download button to export all workers
    • Improved shift activity to log to provide easier auditing for users
Various bugs were fixed in the following modules:
    • Work summaries
    • Worker onboarding 
    • Timesheet and productivity
    • Headcount counter
    • Payment profile and Crews
    • Round-Up rules configuration
    • Reports
    • PMs and User permissions
    • Procore Integration
    • CMiC Integration