How Do I Troubleshoot my Device?

Learn how to troubleshoot the device and minimize downtime.

Common Issues:

Low Battery

If the device is showing low voltage, that means the SolarBox has low battery. This can be fixed by making sure the SolarBox is seeing adequate sunlight during the day. Refer to the installation guide for how to properly set up the SolarBox. You can check your SolarBox's battery level at any time by typing 0800+Enter into the device while it is plugged in and awake. 

If the SolarBox is fully charging during the day and dying overnight, it may have a dead battery and need to be replaced. 

Device Offline

If the device is letting workers punch-in, but not showing punches on the dashboard, that means the device is operating in Offline Mode. The LEDs should also be flashing yellow in this case. 

To check if the device is online, type 0300+Enter. If the device is offline, press 0298+Enter to restart it. Normally this should turn the device back online again. 

Device not Connecting

If the device does not connect, the first step is to observe your surroundings. Choose an installation location that may have a better signal, you can use your phone's signal to compare. Installations underground or inside thick steel structures tend to have trouble connecting.

If you think you should have a good signal and you're still having issues, please contact SmartBarrel Support. 

Phone Number not found

If the device is showing "phone number not found", that means the worker has not been added to the system or that his company is not on the assigned project.

Double-check he is entering his phone number correctly, and verify that it's the same in the dashboard. If they are both correct, try restarting the device. It may take up to 2 minutes for the worker to be on the device after he is added. If that does not work, contact SmartBarrel Support.

Device Support Codes:

0298– Restart Device

Restarts the device. The device will go to sleep, sleep for 30 seconds, then begin waking up.

0299 – Sleep

Forces the device into power-saving mode (sleep). The device will go to sleep and stay asleep. The device will continue to wake up at its normal patterns afterward.

0300 – Online/Offline

Reports if the device is connected to the cloud. If it shows Offline, that means the device is operating in offline mode. 

0800 – Battery Status

Displays the device’s current voltage and mAmp that the device is receiving. 12.0v is considered 0% charge where 13v is considered 100% charge. Devices showing anything below 12.5v might need to see sun throughout the day.

0301 – Signal Diagnostics

Internet Signal Diagnostics. When the device is connected through the cellular network, it shows the signal strength being reported by the modem. 

 When signal strength is N/A, it means that the modem is either booting up or not connected

0dB means that the modem needs more time to provide connection statistics. In rare scenarios, it means that signal is very strong. Good signals are anything between -51db and -84db. Anything below -84 might cause the device to occasionally go offline.

0700 – DeviceID

Displays the DeviceID. This is a unique serial number used to differentiate all of the devices.

0701 – Software Version

Displays the software version that the device is currently running on.

0702 – Device Name

Displays the name of the device as it would be found in the dashboard.

0801 – Stored Punches and Images

Displays the quantity of punches and images that are stored on the device. The punches/images will go to the dashboard when the device re-establishes connection to the cloud.